Residential Shed and Fence Permits

Application for Residential Shed and Fence Permits




Sheds require a permit from the Zoning Office.


Sheds over 200 square feet also require a Building permit.


The Building permit application is to be submitted with the construction permit jacket, building subcode card, construction permit and application for certificate, along with two copies of the construction plans for the shed – prebuilt shed shall include the brochure depicting the shed details.


Residential garden-type utility sheds and similar structures that are greater than 100 square feet, but not more than 200 square feet and 10 feet or less in height are not required to be provided with a foundation system that extends below he front line, provided the shed is dimensionally stable without the foundation system.  It is considered dimensionally stable if it is provided with a floor system tied to the walls of the structure.  These sheds shall be placed on a bed of gravel not less than four inches in depth or have other frost protected design.

See – 5:23-9.9 for full text.


All sheds must be anchored at all four corners.


Electrical and/or plumbing work will require additional permits





Require a permit from the Zoning Office.


Fences surrounding pools also require a Building permit and shall comply with the pool code




Final BUILDING INSPECTION is required for sheds and fences.