Certificate of Continued Occupancy

A CCO, Certificate of Continued Occupancy, is required when selling or renting a home and is the responsibility of the seller.  The cost to apply for a CCO is $165.00. Unfortunately, checks can not be accepted as payment for a CCO.  Acceptable methods of payment are cash or two separate money orders. One for $110 for the CCO and one for $55 for the Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Certificate.

A CCO is good for 90 days from the date of issuance. The Smoke Detector Certification expires after six months from the date of issuance.

When applying for a CCO it is required that all residential units have a “2A 10BC” type fire extinguisher, no larger than 10 lbs.  We suggest placing the fire extinguisher in the kitchen cabinet located below the sink, or mounted within 10 feet of the kitchen.

Prior to scheduling your Certificate of Occupancy, be sure to review the checklist of items the Housing Inspector will be checking.  This list can be obtained from the Construction Office and is usually given out when applying for a CCO.  The list can also be viewed on this site.  It is imperative these items be addressed prior to the inspection date in order to avoid delays, as well as avoiding the need for a re-inspection.  It is also necessary to “close out” all existing open permits prior to the CCO inspection.  It should also be noted that permits must be “closed out” in order to become part of the block and lot file.

All homes with well and septic systems must have approval from the Health Department in order for a CCO to be issued.