Manalapan MRC-CERT

Medical Reserve Corps and Community Emergency Response Team

Manalapan Township established a Medical Reserve Corps in 2002. It then built a Community Emergency Response Team within the same group in 2003. The organization now totals over 300 members.

The Manalapan team combines the missions of both federal Medical Reserve Corps and the Community Emergency Response Team models. Thus the MRC-CERT team is attractive to persons with or without medical background. The team meets frequently through the year for refresher training and drills, and also supports municipal sponsored events, including Manalapan Day and National Night Out. The team has been activated to help staff shelters, ice distribution and cell phone charging stations and 24 hour information lines during storms such as Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy and has assisted in searches for missing persons and large scale vaccination clinics. More information about this training and the Manalapan MRC-CERT team please contact the Health Department.

The Manalapan MRC-CERT provides a unique opportunity for Manalapan community members to help support their  community during times of emergency as well as helping educate the community using various strategies to become better prepared for emergencies. Community members with both medical experience and credentials and those without medical backgrounds are welcome. The  MRC-CERT provides training and equipment. It schedules exercises and drills to practice skills. It has become a very vibrant group.

Any Manalapan Township resident, age 18 or over, is welcome to join. For more information please feel free to call the MRC-CERT information line at 732-446-8348 or email to


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