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Zoning & Code Enforcement Office Policies While Municipal Building is Closed


The Township has made a decision to continue to keep the Municipal Complex closed to the Public until further notice.

During our closure, submissions and documents should be placed in the drop box, located outside of the front entrance of the Municipal Building labeled “CONSTRUCTION/PLANNING & ZONING”.

Please enclose all your documents and the Zoning application fee in a sealed envelope addressed to our attention and place it the drop box. Make certain your address and contact information is either on the envelope or enclosed with your submission.

We will be in touch if we have any questions or require anything further. Otherwise, once your permit is issued a copy will be sent to you via US Mail.

Information and the Zoning Permit and Zoning-Certificate of Continued Occupancy (Z-CCO) applications can be found on display in the vestibule as you enter the Municipal Building or

Please visit our website www.mtnj.org ; you can find the Zoning applications and information on our webpage located under “Departments”:

 Zoning/Enforcement


Please contact the following individuals directly with any Zoning or “Municipal” Code Enforcement questions:

Suzanne Krohn, Assistant Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer 732-446-8301 skrohn@mtnj.org  

Nancy DeFalco, Zoning/Code Enforcement/Administrative Official 732-446-8322 ndefalco@mtnj.org  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Stay safe.


The Department of Zoning/Code Enforcement is responsible for regulating and enforcing Manalapan Township’s Zoning Ordinances which have been established to ensure the proper use of land and to protect the integrity of the Master Plan. 

Approval Process

Construction permits which require zoning approval are submitted directly to the Zoning Office for approval.  The proposed construction is checked for use and area, yard and building requirements by the Zoning Officer.  Approved permits are then forwarded on to the Construction Department.  

When a permit is found to be in violation of an ordinance, the homeowner or contractor is called to explain that the proposed construction or use is in violation and they are presented with choices as to how to continue from that point.  They can change the proposed construction so that it meets the ordinance requirements, apply for a variance from the Zoning Board of Adjustment, appeal the decision of the Zoning Officer to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, or go before the Zoning Board of Adjustment for an interpretation of the ordinance.

Complaint Process

The Department of Zoning/Code Enforcement receives complaints from citizens regarding alleged violations of various codes of Manalapan Township.  The spring and summer months yield the highest number of grass, garbage and debris complaints.  Citizens also call to verify whether their neighbors have received permits for construction or simply to report a violation they might have observed.  Anyone in the Zoning Office can take the complaint, but the name, address and phone number of the complainant is required.  The complainant’s identifying information is required in order to process a complaint.

When complaints are received, we seek compliance of the alleged violation, either by telephone, meetings, on site visits or written violation notice is sent to the person allegedly accused of violating the ordinance explaining that a complaint has been received.  The complaint is described to the property owner and the appropriate ordinance section is sited.  The property owner is asked to correct said violation.  If this first step is not effective and the violation still exists, a final Notice of Violation is sent.  If compliance is not achieved, a summons is issued by the Zoning Officer, with a mandatory Court appearance.  Compliance is commonly remedied by the first step of this procedure.

This office also reviews and issues road opening permits for excavations in any street or public right of way.

Permits issued by Zoning  

The zoning permit fees shall be $75 for the following, except as otherwise noted:

(a)  Residential alterations/additions;

(b)  Decks;

(c)  Certificate of Continued Occupancy;

(d)  Certificate of nonconformity;

(e)  Fences;

(f)   Sheds;

(g)  Ornamental landscape structures;

(h)  Pools;

(i)   Driveways;

(j)   Patios/flat work;

(k)   Garage/yard sales; $20;

(l) Accessory structures;

(m)  Sports courts;

(n)  Tennis courts;

(o)  Demolition;

(p)  Excavation, removal or addition of soil or fill exceeding 10 cubic yards, or alteration exceeding 5,000 square feet on any undeveloped parcel of land;

(q)  Temporary sales of outdoor holiday items or trees;

(r) Temporary trailers.

(s) Generators

(t) The minimum zoning fee for anything not specifically listed above which may be subject to zoning review and/or permit shall be $75.


The Zoning permit fees shall be $100 for the following:

(a) New construction – residential or commercial

(b) Commercial alterations/additions

(c) New business

(d) Signs


If you are unclear if a permit is required or have a specific question for Zoning/Code Enforcement please feel free to contact our office at (732)446-8301 during normal business hours.

Zoning Forms

Zoning Information Sheet – Residential 

Zoning Information Sheet – Commercial

Zoning Permit Application 

Zoning C.C.O (Non UCC)

Road Opening Application

Code Enforcement Forms
Complaint Form