Residential Smoke/CO Detector/Fire Extinguisher Certification


A residential Smoke/CO Detector Certification inspection is performed in conjunction with the CCO (Certificate of Continued Occupancy) inspection. A simple application can be completed when applying for a residential CCO when selling or renting a home. Inspections will be scheduled depending on availability.  The cost of the Smoke Detector/CO Detector Compliance Certificate is $55.00.  Cash or Money Order are acceptable methods of payment. The Certificate issued is good for six months from the date of issuance. The following items are inspected so that a Smoke Detector Certification/Carbon Monoxide Compliance Certificate can be issued.

Operating Smoke Detectors must be installed on each level/floor of the home (basement and crawl spaces included) and are required to be within ten feet of any sleeping area.  Original systems installed within the homes at the time of construction must be maintained (e.g. Interconnected systems cannot be replaced with a stand-alone battery- operated one).

Homeowners are required to install a carbon monoxide detector as per manufacturer installation instructions of the brand they choose.  A minimum of one (1) must be installed in the vicinity of all sleeping areas.  If bedrooms exist on more than one level, additional detectors are required to protect each area.  Instruction booklet/directions should be left for future homeowner.

All residential units must have a fire extinguisher rated for residential use.  It must be 2A-10BC-type and weigh no more than 10 lbs.  It is suggested that the extinguisher be placed in the kitchen cabinet under the sink or mounted within 10 feet of the kitchen.

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