Residential Pool Permit Application

Application Process for Residential Pool Permits


Permits are required for swimming pools, defined as any structure intended for swimming, recreational bathing or wading that contains water over 24 inches (610 mm) deep. This includes in-ground, aboveground and on-ground pools; hot tubs; spas and fixed-in place wading pools.


The application is to be submitted to the Zoning Office for approval.

The Construction permit application will include the construction permit jacket, building, electric and plumbing subcode cards, and Application for Certificate.


In ground pool applications shall include two copies of the signed and sealed construction plans of the pool. Barrier is to be detailed on zoning application.


Above ground pools shall include brochure of pool and ladder or stairs, and detail of intended barrier or fence.


Hot tubs shall include the brochure for hot tub and locking cover.


Electrical application shall include all filter information.


If heater is to be installed, mechanical application requires a gas line drawing.


The codes may be viewed on the NJ website –


Refer to Manalapan Township handout for residential pools for more information and code links