Residential Pool and Spa

Residential Pool and Spa Construction Must Comply With The 2021 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

The code may be viewed on the NJ web site·
Please be aware that this code is recently adopted and includes new regulations and changes from previous versions that may affect the design of your pool.
All pools must be enclosed with a permanent fence/barrier in accordance with Section 305.
Please refer to the code for specific requirements pertaining to fencing.
All fences and gates must be no less than 48 inches high. Gates shall open away from the pool,
shall be self closing and have a self latching device. The latch release should be located at a
height of at least 54″, exceptions to this height may be found at 305.3.3.
Above ground pool walls may be compliant to be used as the barrier, the ladder or steps must be
surrounded by a barrier that meets the requirements of Section 305.
There shall be a clear zone of not less than 36 inches between the exterior of the barrier and any
permanent structures or equipment such as pumps, filters and heaters that can be used to climb the barrier. (305.2.9)
Maximum gap under the fence to soil is 2 inches.
Above ground pools shall comply with section 305.5, and Chapter 7 (On Ground Storable Residential Swimming Pools) or Chapter 8 (Permanent lnground Residential Swimming Pools) – this chapter includes permanent above ground pools.
The fence protecting the pool is to be located on the same property as the pool.
An exception to this requirement to share a fence with a neighbor may be requested by application for variation. The shared fence must comply with the code; a completed variation application must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $125 and a letter from adjacent homeowners  permitting the use of the fence as a barrier.  The owner of the pool is responsible for all fencing protecting their pool; this should be stated on the variation request.
Hot tubs- must have locking cover if not surrounded by a compliant barrier.
If hot tub is being placed on a deck, professional analysis is required (Engineer/Architect).