Finance Department

Patricia Addario, CMFO – Chief Financial Officer/Director of Finance
Phone (732) 446-8338 – Fax (732) 446-7998

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


The Finance Department includes the functions of Purchasing, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounting and Budgetary Administration.

The Chief Financial Officer is the Department Head, supervising the following Divisions:

  • Division of Treasury
  • Division of Tax Collection
  • Division of Tax Assessment
  • Division of Purchasing

In conjunction with the heads of these divisions, the Director of Finance is responsible for the accounting, pre-auditing and control of all Township revenues and expenditures; the management of the Township debt; and the safeguarding of the financial interests of the Township. The Chief Financial Officer is to ensure compliance with all Department of Community Affairs, Division of Local Government Services directives.

The Administrator and the Chief Financial Officer assist the members of the governing body in the preparation of the annual budget.

Budget Audit Annual Financial Statement Annual Debt Statement

2017 Adopted Budget

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2017 Introduced Budget

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2016 Adopted Budget

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2016 Audit 2016 Annual Financial Statement 2016 Annual Debt Statement

2016 Introduced Budget

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2015 Adopted Budget 2015 Audit 2015 Annual Financial Statement 2015 Annual Debt Statement
2015 Introduced Budget      
2014 Adopted Budget 2014 Audit 2014 Annual Financial Statement 2014 Annual Debt Statement
2014 Introduced Budget      
2013 Adopted Budget 2013 Audit 2013 Annual Financial Statement 2013 Annual Debt Statement
2013 Introduced Budget      
2013 Budget Presentation      
2012 Budget 2012 Audit 2012 Annual Financial Statement 2012 Annual Debt Statement
2011 Budget 2011 Audit 2011 Annual Financial Statement 2011 Annual Debt Statement
2010 Budget 2010 Audit 2010 Annual Financial Statement 2010 Annual Debt Statement