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Public Service Announcements:

Emerald Ash Tree Borer Epidemic

Smoke and CO Detectors

Fire Extinguishers

Emergency Exits



Miss Teen New Jersey Briahna Reinstein!!

Splash Park  Opening

Blue Lives Matter

General Programming

Holiday Festivities 2017 47 min.

Crown Jules 31 min.

History of Black Music Celebration

Community Alliance Presentation on Vaping

Mike Kaplan Nonet Jazz Band

Eco-Patio Dedication 5-5-2018

Awakenings Theatre Workshoppe 5-12-18

Memorial Day Flag Raising and Parade 2018

A Taste of Manalapan Day 2018 1 hr.

Manalapan Day 2018 Karate and Dancing

Manalapan Day 2018 The Manala-Pans

2018 Manalapan Twp. Photo Contest

Manalapan Day 2018 Paglia and Disqualified

Manalapan Day 2018 Alter Ego

Mayors Update August 2018


Recent Township Meetings

9-13-18 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

9-12-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

8-23-18 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

8-22-2018 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

8-9-18 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

7-11-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

7-12-18 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

6-28-18 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

6-20-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

6-14-18 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

5-24-18 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

5-23-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm Meeting

5-10-18 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

5-9-18 Manalapan Twp. Committee Meeting

4-26-18 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

4-25-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

4-11-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

3-28-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

3-22-18 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

3-7-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting
2-22-18 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting
2-21-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

2-8-18 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

2-7-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

1-25-18 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

01-24-2018 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

01-11-18 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

01-05-18 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Reorg Meeting

12-27-17 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

12-14-17 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

11-29-17 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

11-8-2017 Manalapan Twp. Committee Meeting

11-9-2017 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

10-12-2017 Manalapan Twp. Planning Board Meeting

10-11-2017 Manalapan Twp. Committee Meeting

09-27-2017 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

09-28-2017 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

09-14-2017 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

09-13-2017 Manalapan Township Committee Meeting

08-10-2017 Manalapan Planning Board Meeting

08-09-2017 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

07-26-2017 Manalapan Twp. Comm. Meeting

To view our complete list of programming click here to visit our Vimeo page.


To view our complete list of videos, click here to visit our Vimeo page.