Thompson Grove Park Disc Golf Course


Welcome to The Grove!


The 18-Hole disc golf course at Thompson Grove Park is a nearly 9,000 feet long and with a par of 64. Drive to the back of the park to find hole 1 and 2 practice baskets.

The course features Blue (Advanced), White (Intermediate), and Red (Beginner) tees and a handful of Gold (Pro) tees. The Blue tees are extremely challenging and can be discouraging for some players.

Please see the map below for location.


The Grove is maintained by a small group of volunteers. This involves weed-whacking, carrying off branches, removing debris, communicating with the township, and anything else to improve the course. Please consider joining the club, showing up to work days, and contributing to improve the course. Should you wish to volunteer on your own free time the following tasks can be done as well: weed-whacking is always needed, removing poison ivy, removing thorns, removing debris, and cleaning up the rough. If there is anything that is urgent, contact the township to let them know. Please see the events page for more information.

Thompson Grove Park Disc Golf Course Map

Disc Golf Tournaments 

Less than 72 players 

$75.00 One Day Tournament

$150.00 Two Day Tournament

$300.00 Friday-Sunday

 More than 72 players

$150.00 One Day Tournament

$300.00 Two Day tournament

$600.00 Friday-Sunday