Coaches / Volunteers


The Recreation office is open to the public. Coaches that need their ID picture taken should call and make an appointment for this service or send in a head shot to be used for their ID. (732)620-8201. Email

Volunteer Code of Conduct


Coaches found in violation will be asked to leave the field/court.

Manalapan Parks and Recreation has implemented a major program/promotion to encourage and enhance sportsmanship in youth sports. This Volunteer Code of Conduct is an extension of the “Be A Sport” program/theme. Each volunteer agrees to:

1. Instruct participants on how to play by the rules.

2. Be a role model; teach children by good example.

3. Abide by the established policies, rules, and regulations.

4. Do not publicly question or criticize the sports officials’ judgment, and encourage your team’s parents/players to do the same.

5. Support all efforts to encourage fair play and sportsmanship.

6. Attend and complete the mandated safety training program.

7. Attend and complete a compliance conference, as necessary.

Manalapan Parks and Recreation Volunteer acknowledges and agrees to this established Code, and understands that volunteering is a privilege and not a right.

Notice to Residents

All municipal parks throughout the Township (excluding the M.R.C.) close at Dusk, and loitering is not permitted. These parks and playgrounds are your neighborhood resource. Please keep them clean.


Rutgers SAFETY course information is available through Rutgers Youth Sports Research Council:

Materials for Rutgers SAFETY course provided free of charge to Manalapan Township volunteers.