Registrar of Vital Statistics

The Office of Vital Statistics maintains the vital records of births, deaths, marriages, domestic partnerships and civil unions that occur within the Township.  This office urges those persons interested in pursuing any of these services to call the Registrar or Deputy Registrar at 732-446-8345 to verify current requirements and procedures.

Services include:

  • Certified copies of Marriages, Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions
  • Certified copies of Births
  • Certified copies of Deaths
  • Burial Permits
  • Applications for and issuance of Marriage Licenses, Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions
Certified Copies

Certified copies of vital records may be obtained providing the following information is provided:

  • Copies can only be obtained by the subject, subject’s parent, legal guardian or legal representative, subject’s child, grandchild or sibling – all if of legal age.
  • The requestor for copies must show proof of their person by a photo ID or two alternate forms of ID which could be vehicle registration card, voter registration card, passport, county ID card, school ID card, green card or utility bill.
  • Payment of fee
  • Requests made through the mail must include copies of the required document(s), as self addressed, stamped envelope and appropriate fee.

There is a specific fee for the issuance of these documents. The Registrar or Deputy Registrar should be contacted for the determination of fee and to answer any questions with respect to these records.

A certified copy of a vital record is often referred to as “a copy with a raised seal”.

Marriage Licenses, Civil Unions & Domestic Partnerships


Please call 732-446-8345 to make an appointment for the following:

Marriage License Applications
Marriage License Pick up
Certified Copy Issuance

All Vital Statistics inquiries are by appointment only. Again, this includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Marriage License Applications
  • Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses, Birth/Death Certificates
  • Amendments


Procedure for Marriage License Appointments:

**Marriage license applications can be made up to 6 months prior to wedding date.**

Please contact the registrar’s office at least 1 month ahead of your marriage date.

You will need at least a 2-week time frame.

State requires a 72-hour waiting period from the time the application is completed to the time the license can be issued.

A 2nd appointment will be made to pick up your license prior to your wedding date