Environmental Inspections

Licensed environmental personnel are employed and conduct the following inspections:

  • Routine inspections of food establishments
  • Installation of septic systems
  • Installation of non-community domestic wells
  • Review and verify well water testing data meets applicable standards prior to occupancy of new homes and prior to sales of existing homes
  • Review septic system cleaning reports prior to sales of existing homes
  • Routine inspections of pubic recreational bathing places.

For more information on any of these activities please call the Health Department and request to speak to an Environmental Health Specialist.

Environmental Health Investigations

Licensed environmental personnel are also used to investigate the following complaints:

  • Foodborne illnesses related to food establishments
  • Infestation of insects and rodents
  • Weeds and obnoxious growth
  • Dumping of solid waste
  • Episodes of air or water pollution
  • Sewage overflows
  • Noise and odors
  • Incidents involving dscharge of hazardous materials

Complaints should be reported via phone to the Health Department during regular working hours. Complaints of an emergent nature that occur after normal working hours should be reported to the police.

Lead Paint, Radon

The Health Department can be consulted for guidance on lead abatement procedures and contractors, radon testing and asbestos concerns. Reports of excessive levels of lead in children are reported to the Health Department by health practitioners. The Health Department provides case management and investigation of the sources of this poisoning.