Recycling & Garbage

Garbage Holidays - Garbage is not collected on the following days:

      Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 24th)

      Christmas (Monday, December 26th)

        The County Reclamation Center is closed so garbage will not be collected)

      New Years (Monday, January 2nd)

        The County Reclamation Center is closed so garbage will not be collected)

Recycling will be collected every week!

Single Stream Recycling
in Manalapan!

Recycling has never “BIN” easier!


Did you ever wish you could put all your recyclable items in one container without sorting?  Well, now you can!    Single stream recycling means that all items that are acceptable for curbside recycling can be put together in one bin.

Recycling will be picked up once a week - every Wednesday


Many new items can be put in your recycling bin including cardboard and junk mail!  And you no longer need to tie up your newspapers!  For a full list of items that are now accepted for curbside pick-up, please click below to see the Recycling Guidelines.

Battery Recycling Information

Recycling Guidelines – what you can recycle curbside

County Recycling Directory Newspaper

Frequently Asked Questions


Manalapan Recycling and additional information -


ALL Garbage and Recycling should be placed curbside the night before, or prior to 6am thru 6pm. 

Residents are allowed to have up to 6 - 64 gallon containers of household trash each collection day. 

Two bulk items will be collected once a month on your last Thursday or Friday collection day of the month.  Television, metal and white goods (ie. refrigerators, washers and dryers) will not be collected curbside. These items can be brough to the Public Works Recycling Yard.  



Brush and Tree Limbs Now Being Collected By Future Sanitation

As part of the new garbage contract brush and tree limbs will be collected by Future Sanitation on the second refuse collection day of each week - all year long.

Pleas use the following guidelines:

                         Tied securely in bundles

                         4 foot maximum legnth

                         50 pounds maximum weight

                         2 bundle maximum each collection

Brush and Tree limbs left in the street will not be collected by Public Works. 


You Do A Lot of Good When you Recycle!
Recycling reduces the emissions of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants, saves energy, supplies valuable raw materials to industry, creates jobs, stimulates the development of greener technologies, generates less solid waste, conserves resources for future generations, and reduces the need for new landfills and combustors.


Manalapan Township is proud of the active role it takes in helping the environment.  It is easier than ever to recycle at your curb now and you can use our centrally-located Recycling Drop-Off Center to recycle many items that you cannot place at the curb.


Citizens are required to recycle and we absolutely encourage every family to recognize the importance of this civic responsibility. Not only does recycling benefit our environment, but it provides additional funds for the township thereby helping to reduce your taxes.