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March 01, 2020

To watch the 8-7-2020 Tropical Storm Iasias update CLICK HERE

As of this morning, JCP&L is reporting 1,823 Manalapan customers without power. We are aware that there were streets that were not on their original street outage list. We have advised them of all the streets that residents have contacted us about both last night and this morning.

The Report we received late last night from JCP&L advised that there are still 3 circuits in the Township out, there are 19 damaged circuits; 106 damaged locations, 1 road closure and 43 tree cutting locations. Those are the items JCP&L will be working on over the next 3 days. Once we receive an additional update, we will share it with you.

If you need to contact us, please email or text the Deputy Mayor at 732-239-5986. Please do not ask your question through Facebook or Facebook messenger as we may not see that message in a timely fashion.

The Mayor will give a live update today at 4:30pm on the latest storm update.  You can see it on Channel 77 and Verizon 42.  Also on the Township facebook page and website.  

March 01, 2020

To watch the Mayors 8-05-20 Message click here. The next update will be on 8-12-20

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March 01, 2020

Storm Update – August 6th at 4:30pm


As of 4pm today 3,821 customers in Manalapan are still without power. 


The following information was just received from a JCP&L Conference Call:


JCP&L has promised us that we will be giving the Township a daily Mayors report – with the number of customers who will be restored over the next few days.  We will share this information as soon as we receive it.  We do not know when we will receive the first report.


We received a list today of streets that have reported outages.  Please read it to the end as it is not in alphabetical order and make sure your street is included if you still do not have power.  If you DO NOT see your street on the list please text just the street name to Deputy Mayor Cohen at 732-239-5986


List of Street Outages


Previously we received the attached information on residents who are on Life-Support Equipment or Well Water.  Please see the application below and let us know if you have previously filled it out.  We have never received a list from JCP&L so we would like to hear from you if you filled it out prior to this storm



If any member of your household depends on electrically operated life-support equipment, please let us know by calling 1-800-662-3115. Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) will send you a form that must be completed and signed by your physician every year to verify that you have life support. 

When we receive your completed form, we will add your name to our critical care list. The list will be used during a power outage to contact all critical care customers by telephone if the outage may affect their electric service for more than 24 hours.  

In addition, the list will be provided to county and municipal Offices of Emergency Management. 

There is no charge for this service. It’s also important that life-support customers have a contingency plan, such as a battery backup.  

If you have any questions about our Critical Customer Care Program, or to sign up, please call 1-800-662-3115.


Does your home or business depend on an electrically operated private well for water? JCP&L maintains a list of customers with private wells. These customers are 
contacted by telephone if a power outage is expected to affect their electric service for more than 24 hours – in which case, they’ll be advised of locations where water and ice are available. In addition, the list is provided to county and municipal Offices of Emergency Management. 

There is no charge for this service. To join JCP&L’s Private Well Customer Service, please check here, complete the form on the back of this insert, and mail it along with your monthly bill payment. 

If you no longer wish to participate in this service, or if you no longer have a private well, please complete the form (see link below), and mail it to us. 

Customers who have previously signed up for this service are already on this list and do not need to contact us again.  

Customers viewing this information online who want to participate in this service should print the form (see link below), complete the form and mail it to: 

JCP&L Private Well Customer Service 
PO BOX 367 
Holmdel, NJ 07733-0367 
Attention: Revenue Operations 



Town Hall is still out of power. We are currently working off a generator, so please be patient as our systems are operating a little slower than normal. The Public Works Department phone lines are up and running again. 


We have received a weather update from our Director Public Works that storms will be in our area tonight with the potential for 2 to 4 inches of rain.


We have been in contact with many residents over the last few days. A few have questioned how streets are chosen to be repaired.  We spoke specifically to JCP&L management about this issue and they advised that the Township has no authority to prioritize the scheduling of restoration. However, they go by how many people they can restore at one time and level of repairs needed.  The taxes that you pay have no bearing on the restoration schedule.


Manalapan Township including the Police Department have been out of power since Tuesday afternoon and we paid JCP&L so far this year $340,000 (January through July) in utility payments. We are just as frustrated with this restoration schedule and we are in constant contact with JCP&L.  JCP&L is planning to host a county-wide meeting to discuss all of our concerns. We have spoken to our surrounding communities and we are not alone in the experience.    


Just a reminder that the DPW will begin the storm damage collection on Monday, August 10th. This will be a town wide collection; there is no need to call the Township with your address. Please have all debris brought to the curb prior to the 10th, so as not to miss your collection. Do not place it in the street, and do not put the debris in plastic bags. Please be patient, as it will take time for the trucks to make their way through the entire Township.

March 02, 2020


Manalapan Township will be opening up the Senior Center as a charging and cooling station for those residents without power.  It will be open today from 11am-9pm, please bring your own charging device.  We do ask that everyone practice social distancing, and wear a mask when inside the center, and we will be limiting the amount of people in the building to 12 at a time. JCP&L has crews working around the clock to restore the power as quickly as possible, however it could take 2-3 days to fully restore the town.  JCP&L will provide any updates they have on Facebook, Twitter, and their outage map on their website.  We apologize to those who are inconvenienced without power, and we will continue to update you with any information we receive.
For those interested in using the charging and cooling station, the Manalapan Senior Center is located at 211 County Road 522 in Manalapan, near the Public Works Recycling Center.

Please note that JCP&L will be distributing water and ice to those in need with no power.  The closest locations are listed below.  This began today at 10 am:

·        Acme Supermarkets, 3241 Route 9, Store 7960, Freehold – Monmouth County 
·        Saker ShopRites, Inc., 3585 Hwy 9, Freehold – Monmouth County 
·        Saker ShopRites, Inc., 280 Hwy 9 N, Morganville - Monmouth 

March 02, 2020

We would like to remind all Manalapan residents to please fill out their 2020 census to ensure we are accurately counted.  This will help us to receive our fair share of services that are needed for our town.  Manalapan’s response rate is currently 77.2%, which is higher than both the County and State’s response rate but we can do better!  Responding to the 2020 census is a chance to shape your future and get Manalapan its fair share of funding.  Please complete your form online at  We thank you for your cooperation and we look forward raising our response rate to make Manalapan count in the 2020 Census!

March 02, 2020

Earlier today, the Monmouth County Freeholders announced the Monmouth County CARES Coronavirus Economic Assistance Grant Program for small businesses and non-profits. The program will begin at 8 am Monday, August 3 at Below are the criteria needed to qualify and apply, as well as what you will need to submit with your application. Please take some time to gather all necessary info so that you may be ready to submit your application on the 3rd. They are reviewed on a first come first serve basis, and the reimbursement amount cannot exceed $10,000.

In order to qualify for a Monmouth County CARES Economic Assistance Grant, applicants must meet the following criteria:
• Physically located in Monmouth County since January 1, 2019 or earlier
• Negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
• $5 million or less in annual gross revenue
• 50 or fewer fulltime equivalent (FTE) employees, including the owner, as of March 1, 2020

What you will need to submit with your application:
• TIN/EIN – This is your Tax Identification or Employee Identification Number
• Legal Business Name
• DBA – Doing Business As (if applicable)
• Business Contact Information (contact name, organizational role, email address, phone number, and business address)
• NAICS Code of the Business: North American Industry Classification System
• Tax Returns: Fiscal years 2018 and 2019 (if filed)
• Business Banking Information: routing and checking numbers
• Itemized list of eligible costs for reimbursement

For further information, questions or assistance, please go to

Monmouth County Freeholders Press Release 

March 02, 2020


Due to the recent storm, the Township Public Works Department will be doing a town wide storm debris collection beginning on Monday, August 10th.  Please have all debris brought to the curb prior to the 10th, so as not to miss your collection.  Do not place it in the street. This will be a one-time only collection. As you know, this was a very powerful storm that did a lot of damage so please be patient as it will take time for the trucks to make their way through the entire Township.

Currently, the Public Works Department phone line are down, so if you cannot get through to them, you can contact the Administration office at 732-446-8308.

The Manalapan Recreation Center is closed at this time as we continue to clean up debris from the storm.  Please check the Manalapan Recreation Facebook page, as it will be updated once they reopen.    

March 02, 2020


The Monmouth County Clerk’s office have resumed passport services.  Passport services are available at the main Freehold Office, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call (732) 431-7324.  Please note, the enforcement deadline of the Federal Real Id Act has been extended until October 1, 2021.

More Info

March 02, 2020

A message from the Social Security Administration office, they are still available by phone to assist you.  Please call 1-877-405-0475 from 9 am to 4 pm for assistance.  

Full Details Here

March 03, 2020


The Manalapan Recreation Center will be opening their Tennis, Pickelball, and Handball Courts on Saturday, June 13th.  These courts will be open daily from 8 am until 8 pm.  The trails will also remain open for passive recreation (walking, biking).  Please note, all other fields, including the basketball courts and playgrounds are NOT open at this time.  Parking lots 1 and 2 will be opened, and the Shelter Building restrooms will be open as well.  Please see the attached for the regulations that must be followed, and as always, please continue to maintain social distancing when visiting the park.  If a safe 6 foot distance cannot be maintained you are strongly encouraged to wear a mask. 


The Thompson Grove Dog Park will also open starting Saturday, June 13th.  Again we ask that  proper social distancing be used during your visit.

The Public Works Recycling Yard (located at 207 Route 522) will reopen on Monday, June 15th.  Operating hours will be Monday – Saturday from 7 am until 2 pm.  For the safety of our employees, as well a our residents, we ask that everyone please wear a mask and respect social distancing once you exit your vehicle.  If you have any questions, you may reach out to our Garbage and Recycling Department at 732-446-8404 from 8:30 am- 4:30 pm.

March 03, 2020

Tax Payment Reminder: 

The 2020 Third Quarter Estimated Tax Bills were mailed at the end of June.  If you have not received a bill, a copy can be printed from our website at

Third Quarter Taxes are due August 1, 2020.  As per NJSA 54:4-67 the Township of Manalapan permits a 10 day grace period for tax payments.  Payments received in our office or left in the drop box after 4:00 pm on August 10th will accrue interest charges calculated from the original due date of August 1st.

Tax credits earned through the Shop Manalapan Program will appear on the Third Quarter stub. 
You may check your credits at
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and in an effort to keep both employees and residents safe, the municipal building remains closed to the public.   However, there are several convenient ways to make tax payments.

Mail – please make your check payable to Township of Manalapan and mail to Collector of Taxes, 120 Route 522, Manalapan, NJ 07726.


Your bank’s online bill pay service – Please use the Account ID on your tax bill as the account number when setting up your payment.


Online via the Township’s website – Please visit the Tax Collector’s page and follow the link.  The following convenience fees apply:  2.95 percent of the transaction amount for debit/credit card payments and $1.05 for E-checks.


NEW PAYMENT DROP BOX – There is a new payment drop box located on the left wall outside of the Municipal Building.  Residents now have 24-hour access to drop off tax payments.  See photo of the drop box by clicking here.


Please put your check or money order in an envelope with the stub, block and lot number or property address.  If you need a receipt, please include a note in the envelope stating so, otherwise the canceled check will be your receipt.


The drop box is for tax payments only.  Cash payments are not accepted.  

The Tax Collector’s office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Payments left in the drop box after 4:00 p.m. will be considered received as
of the next business day.  For late payments, interest will be calculated to the
 business day payment is posted to.
Residents can view and or pay taxes, print a copy of the current tax bill and calculate interest to a future date online at  Please visit the Tax Collector's page and follow the link.
If you have any questions, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office at 732-446-8360, or