Board of Health

Manalapan Township Board of Health








  1. Ordinance Review
    1. Body Art
    2. Septic Systems
    3. Wells
    4. Public Pools
    5. Continued Certificate of Occupancy
  1. Research issues associated with adopting an Ordinance establishing a registration process for Tobacco Retail Establishments as provided for in the NJ Clean Air Act.
  1. Resolve problems associated with Township ID badging system
  1. To continue to have Board members attend trainings in:
    1. Food Handling
    2. Incident Command
  1. To evaluate possibility of holding a Board of Health member training program in Manalapan in the fall.
  1. Continue to explore and research animal sheltering options
  1. Develop community education and information programs in the following topics:
    1. Childhood obesity (partner with Mayors Wellness Campaign)
    2. Diabetes
    3. Dangers of Texting and Driving








Manalapan Board of Health is comprised of seven private citizens of the Township, appointed on rotating 3 year terms. The Board meets once a month, usually the 4th Tuesday, in the Municipal Building.

The Board is charged with the responsibility to protect the public health in the community. The Board has Statutory authority to set public health policy and regulations. The Board employs the staff of the Manalapan Township Health Department who have the responsibility to fulfill the dictates of the Board’s Ordinances and policies. Topics that are routinely addressed by the Board are food protection in the Retail Food Establishments, review of Subdivisions and Site Plans that are served with onsite sewage disposal (septic) systems, water quality, communicable disease incidence and control, animal control, public health emergency and disaster planning including management of the Manalapan MRC-CERT and other traditional public health services.

For information on any of the programs or services call 732-446-8345

  • Dr. Preston Deutsch,
  • Karen Rothenberg,
  • AnnaMae Frenkiel, Vice Chair
  • Kim Silverstein
  • Walter A. Stein
  • Dr. Phillip Tutnauer
  • Steve Levine, Chairman