Manalapan Arts Council (MAC)





  1. Increase community participation at Township arts events by monitoring attendance data and enhancing marketing efforts.
  2. Obtain feedback from residents through online survey.
  3. Establish a formal budget recommendation procedure.



EvaJo Alvarez                       Eliot Lilien

Laura Carlisi                         Andrea McPherson   

Diana Cochran                      David Michael                                       

Eli Cohen                             Bridgett Oberhuber                                            

Erik Cohen                           Joseph Oberhuber

Daria D'Agostino                   Andrew Pisani                                                      

Kathleen Donohue                Andrew Pisani, Jr.

Kaleigh Donohue                  Bianca Pisani                                                                     

Judith Drucker                     Amelia Rendeiro                                                                    

Teresa Erlitz                        Adam Scovill                                                                 

Marty Gelfond                      Linda Steele

Jeff Glanzer                         Beatrice Truscelli                                                                  

Tommy Gordon                                                                                 

Barry Jacobson                                                                                                     








  • MAC is a volunteer run organization that is dedicted to promoting arts of varying genre to the community.  New members with visionary ideas and the motiviation to move them forward are always welcome!