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Blood Drive 12 –7 pm
PLANNING BOARD 7 :30 –8 pm
National Night Out 5 –9 pm
Special Needs Council 7 –7 :30 pm
Zoning Board 7 :30 –8 pm
July 01, 2017

July Monthly Passes On-Sale Today Include New Discounted M&E Hoboken Fares

NJ TRANSIT is rolling out several customer-focused initiatives in preparation for Amtrak’s repair work at Penn Station New York (PSNY) and the associated service changes this summer.

Customers can begin purchasing their monthly passes for July which include the deeply discounted fares to Hoboken for M&E Midtown Direct customers.  Customers traveling to NYC via Hoboken cross honoring options will see a savings of up to 63% off of their usual PSNY fare.

Important Note: Customers purchasing discounted M&E monthly or weekly passes to Hoboken will still be able to use those passes on the early morning weekday Midtown Direct trains to PSNY, on all weekend Midtown Direct trains to/from PSNY and on all regularly scheduled Midtown Direct trains to/from PSNY July 1-9 prior to the service changes.

NJ TRANSIT’s “Trip Planner” feature on and the Mobile App have been updated with the new summer service schedules.  Customers can now log on from computers and smartphones to plan station-to-station trips for travel between July 10 –September 1, utilizing the new summer schedules.  Customers are strongly encouraged to prepare their travel plans in advance using these tools and to familiarize themselves with the cross honoring options available for travel to/from NYC on weekdays in July and August.

NJ TRANSIT executives and management staff will continue a series of informational sessions to answer any questions or concerns customers may have. 

NJ TRANSIT is providing additional travel tips:

  • NJ TRANSIT customers will need to show their rail ticket/pass to access PATH, ferry and bus options in Hoboken.  Customers using single ride tickets should remember to hold on to their paper tickets when exiting the train to display when boarding the PATH, ferry or bus.
  • Customers using single ride paper tickets are strongly encouraged to purchase round-trip tickets as they will have to display an NJ TRANSIT ticket at the W. 39th St. ferry terminal and the PATH stations at 33rd and World Trade Center for travel to Hoboken.  There are no NJ TRANSIT ticket vending machines at those ferry and PATH locations.
  • Customers are advised to download the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App to purchase electronic tickets from anywhere at anytime.
  • Cross honoring and alternate travel options will be available on weekdays only.  Weekend service is not affected.  Cross honoring will not be in effect from 2 a.m. Saturday until 6 a.m. Monday.
  • M&E Customers traveling to/from PSNY on weekends, using single ride tickets, will need to purchase tickets with PSNY as the final destination

Website and Travel Information

NJ TRANSIT will provide updated information as new details become available at

Information on NJ TRANSIT’s website is available in 14 languages using Google Translate. To use a language other than English, click on “Translate This Site” at the lower right corner of the homepage and click on the language of your choice.

Customers may also access NJ TRANSIT’s Twitter feed at @NJTRANSIT or listen to broadcast traffic reports.  Additionally, NJ TRANSIT will provide the most current service information via the My Transit alert system (, which delivers travel advisories for your specific trip to your cell phone. Service information is also available by calling (973) 275-5555.   

Allow additional time for travel and parking. Service and parking spaces will be limited and will fill up quickly. Expect overcrowded conditions and delays.  Customers who have travel time flexibility should consider off-peak travel.  

Travel Tips

  • Check or news media before starting your trip for service advisories or alerts that may affect your trip.
  • Download NJ TRANSIT’s Mobile App for easy access to service information and advisories, ticket purchases via MyTix, real-time train departure status through DepartureVision, real-time or scheduled bus arrivals through MyBus, and other features to assist you during your commute.
  • Stay connected during your commute through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Search for rail, bus or light rail-specific Twitter accounts for the best information. While we make every effort to respond to comments posted on our social media channels, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service team directly with critical or time-sensitive issues.

          o  Twitter:  @NJTRANSIT

          o  Facebook:

          o  YouTube Channel:  TheNewJerseyTransit

  • If you will be altering your travel pattern during this time, you may want to update your travel alert preferences in your My Transit account. If you do not have a My Transit account and are a frequent traveler on NJ TRANSIT, sign up to receive alerts at   
  • Allow additional time to make connections with NY Waterway, PATH, bus and light rail services to reach your destination.  
  • Purchase round-trip tickets prior to boarding trains, buses or light rail vehicles to speed up your return trip. Tickets are available at ticket vending machines and ticket agent locations at major terminals and stations, as well as through the MyTix feature on NJ TRANSIT’s Mobile App. For more information on MyTix and to set up an account, visit  
  • If you plan to travel on a bus and do not have a ticket that will be cross-honored, be aware that no bills over $20 are accepted on full-service bus routes and exact change is appreciated. Certain bus routes require the exact fare. Bus operators on those routes do not carry money and cannot make change.
  • Bus routes 107, 108 and 126, popular routes providing enhanced service to New York during the track repair project, are all exact fare lines. For specific fare information on buses, use the Trip Planner feature on our homepage.
  • Keep luggage and extra carry-on items to a minimum. Rail, bus and light rail vehicles will have increased ridership and every bit of space counts.
  • You can provide feedback to us regarding your travel experience through our Contact Us feature on and our mobile app or call Customer Service at (973) 275-5555.  
  • NJ TRANSIT’s website is translatable in multiple languages. To use this feature, click on “Translate this Site” located in the lower right corner of our homepage.

July 14, 2017

There is a tremendous amount of inaccurate information being birculated on social media and elsewhere concerning the Manalapan Crossing project.

As of this date, no Planning Board hearing has even been scheduled to consider an application pertaining to Manalapan Crossing.   In fact, although certain application documents have been filed, the application was deemed to be incomplete on June 30, 2017. Many substantial items still must be submitted before a complete application can be considered.

Jurisdiction over the Manalapan Crossing project rests with the Manalapan Planning Board.   We anticipate that, once a complete application is filed, the review process will be a lengthy one. There will be no "fast tracking" of the Manalapan Crossing application and the Planning Board's review will be thorough and complete. Notice will be published in the News Transcript and mailed by certified mail to all property owners within two (200) hundred feet of the VC Zone before the initial hearing date before the Planning Board.

In addition to the PlanningBoard review process, any application pertaining to Manalapan Crossing must also be reviewed and approved by the Monmouth County Planning Board and by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

The issues that will be considered by the Manalapan Township Planning Board include off-site traffic impact and required improvements; project layout and design; drainage; and all other relevant planning and development considerations.

A further issue that will be considered by all of the reviewing agencies is the timing of the construction of off-site and on-site improvements. Those issues will be governed by any approvals that may be grantred by the Township's Planning Board, the Monmouth County Planning Board and the Department of Transportation.

The process will take many months until all the required approvals can be obtained from those agencies. Only after all approvals are obtained can be construction commence.

July 19, 2017

Today is a hot one around the Garden State. As everyone continues to go about his or her daily routines, it’s important to remember that body temperature can rise to a dangerous level, making you extremely sick. Heat-related illness and deaths are preventable. Know the signs before you become a statistic. 

Signs of heat-related illness (CDC) 

  • Heat exhaustion: heavy sweating; weakness; cold, pale, and clammy skin; fast, weak pulse; nausea or vomiting; fainting

What to do: move to a cooler location; lie down and loosen clothing; apply cool, wet cloths to as much of the body as possible; sip water; and seek medical attention if the person vomits and continues vomiting

  • Heat stroke/sun stroke: high body temperature (above 103 degrees Fahrenheit); hot, red skin - dry or moist; rapid and strong pulse; possible unconsciousness

    What to do: CALL 911 immediately and follow the operator's directions - this is a medical emergency; move the person to a cooler place; reduce the person's body temperature with cool cloths or a bath; do NOT give liquids

Tips to prevent heat illness:

  • Always check for children and pets when leaving your car. Hot cars can kill. Leaving the windows down does not prevent them from getting heatstroke.
  • Air conditioning is the number one protective factor against heat-related illness and death.
  • Drink extra water (fluids) all day and less tea, coffee, cola and alcoholic beverages. Do NOT wait until you feel thirsty to drink – it may be too late!
  • Reduce or schedule outdoor activity for cooler times of the day, before 10am and after 6pm.
  • During outdoor activities, take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water or other fluids, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting, open-woven clothes.
  • Wear a vented hat in the sun to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Don’t forget sunscreen!
  • If you have a chronic medical problem, ask your doctor about how to deal with the heat.

“It is important to remember that the elderly, the very young, those with chronic illnesses, and pets are at greatest risk for developing such illnesses,” said Bruce Ruck, Pharm.D., NJ Poison Center, Rutgers NJ Medical School. Other factors such as dehydration and medicine usage may also play a role in developing heat-related illness. “Yes, you can get sick from the heat and some medications increase that chance.”

Medicines known to increase your risk of heat-related illness (not limited to this list):  

  • Some antidepressants
  • Antihistamines (allergy medications)
  • Diuretics (water pills)
  • Antipsychotics

“By knowing who is at risk and what prevention measures to take, heat-related injury and death can be prevented,” said Ruck. Call the NJ Poison Experts at 1-800-222-1222 for emergencies as well as for questions or concerns regarding the medicines you take and their effects on increasing the risk of heat-related injury. If someone has collapsed, stopped breathing, or convulsing/seizing call 911 immediately, otherwise call us (NJ Poison Center) at 1-800-222-1222. Calls are free and confidential. Help is available 24/7 in more than 150 languages.

Every minute counts in poisoning situations. Do not take chances by either waiting until symptoms occur or waste valuable time looking up information on the Internet. A quick response by both the caller and the poison center expert can make a difference in preventing serious injury and saving lives. Save the Poison Help Line (800-222-1222) in your cell phone and post it somewhere visible in your home – It just may save you back.

July 21, 2017

Join us for the first show in our Summer Concert Series!
The Township Committee and the Manalapan Township Arts Council will be hosting a fun night at the Manalapan Recreation Center on Friday, July 21st beginning at 6pm!

CAR SHOW! The car show will begin in our West Entrance Parking Lot.
Bring Your Car! Complete the application below or email [email protected]
Prizes will be awarded and plaques given to all participants.

CONCERT! The Route 80's Band will play at 8pm.  If you love the music of the 80's, you are going to love the band, Route 80's, doing a tribute show to that memorable decade of great music!

FIREWORKS! After the concert at approximately 9:30pm
Food and drink will be available.
Bring chairs/blankets to sit and enjoy the show.
Registration for the car show is $5 in advance or day of show!
Register today
Call 732-446-8308
Email [email protected] 
or mail to
Manalapan Arts Council
120 Route 522
Manalapan, NJ 07726
Make checks payable to Manalapan Arts Council

Save the Date for August 18th - The Desperado's Concert and Movie in the Park (Big Hero 6)

August 01, 2017

Manalapan Township's Police Department will be hosting a National Night Out. 

This will take place on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM at Target. 

The rain date will be August 2, 2017 


August 04, 2017

Please join us for Manalapan Night at the Lakewood Blueclaws on Friday, August 4th at 7:05 PM

Blueclaws vs. Hagerstown 

Adults: $10 per ticket 

Jr/Sr (under 12, over 60): $8 per ticket

Tickets can be purchased by contacting the Lakewood Blueclaws directly at 732-901-7000 ext. 124 or online using the promotion code: "Manalapan" 

Enjoy fireworks after the game! 


August 18, 2017

Concert and Movie in the Park

Details to Follow

November 01, 2017

Please be advised that on Monday, April 3rd Monmouth County will begin reconstruction of Bridge MN 28 on Dey Grove Road over the Manalapan Brook. 

The propsed project generally involves the reconstruction ot the existing bridge spanning the Manalapan Brook along Dey Grove Road. The bridge is located between Iron Ore Road and Bergen Mills Road. 

To complete the project, a full closure of the bridge will be necessary. The preliminary project schedule calls for the project to begin on or about April 3, 2017. All work is to be substantially completed on or about November 7th, 2017.

During the full bridge closure, there will be 2 designed detour routes - 1 for truck traffic (over 4 tons) and 1 for non-truck traffic. The truck traffic detour will be Iron Ore Road to Route 33 to Bergen Mills Road, with westbound truck traffic accessing Route 33 westbound via Dugans Grove Road and eastbound truck traffic accessing Iron Ore Road via the jug handle at the Route 33 / Smithburg Road / Iron Ore Road intersection. For non-truck traffic, the detour will be Iron Ore Road to Indian Path to Bergen Mills Road. 

Any questions on this project should be directed to the County Engineers Office at 732-431-7760.

Please follow traffic detours and drive safely.