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Annual Inspections FAQs

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What does this blue card mean?

Answer: The blue card is your advanced notification of an interior/exterior inspection to be performed on your property within the next few weeks. As part of the new Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program, once every five years an inspector will come to your home to verify the accuracy of your property record card.


Question 2: Can I view my current property record card today?

Answer: Yes. All property record cards are available on the county public record website at


Directions: Click Departments - Tax Assessor - Assessment Records Search – Choose District “Manalapan”. Now, enter your Address (Note: leave out road, street, blvd, etc).  When you locate your property, click: More Info- Then click the “Property Card” button in the upper left hand corner. If you find any inaccuracies or incorrect information, please contact the Assessor’s Office immediately.


Question 3: When are the inspectors coming?

Answer:  The inspections will begin within two weeks of notification cards received via mail.  There is unfortunately no way to know the exact time and inspector will be at your home.  The inspections will be done in groups, in block and lot order from 9AM to dusk.


Question 4: Can I make an appointment?

Answer: No. Due to the large volume of inspections to be completed in a short period of time the most efficient way to conduct the inspections is in block & lot order, by multiple inspectors, with predetermined routes. 


Question 5: What if I am not home?

Answer:  If you are not home at time of inspection the inspector will leave a door hanger detailing information on how to contact them to set up an appointment.


Question 6: What if I don’t let them in?

Answer: You have the right to refuse inspection. Please keep in mind the Township of Manalapan and Realty Data Systems will make every effort to cause taxpayers the least possible inconvenience. The inspectors are trained professionals and will be quick (5-7 minutes within your interior).  The inspector’s job at time of inspection is not to make a judgment of value, rather to collect pertinent information to be used in the valuation process. Examples include the number of bathrooms; verifying measurements; interior finishes; and the observed condition of the property to determine effective age.


Question 7: When was my home last inspected for tax assessment purposes?

Answer: All homes in Manalapan were inspected during the last revaluation between 2006 and 2007.


Question 8: How many inspections will there be?

Answer: Every property will be inspected once within a five year cycle.


Question 9: How do I know the inspector is legitimate?

Answer: All inspectors will be carrying photo identification at all times and their vehicles are registered with the Manalapan Police Department.  All inspectors are highly trained and giving thorough background checks prior to employment.


Question 10: What information is being collected by the inspectors?

Answer: The data collectors will be collecting the following information:

-        Exterior measurements

-        Exterior improvements (pool, deck, patio, etc)

-        Type of heat

-        Air conditioning

-        Number of rooms

-        Number of bathrooms

-        A picture will be taken of the EXTERIOR of the house for our database.


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.