Record Search

The following items are available through the Monmouth County Open Public Records Search System.

Assessment Records Search: This powerful record search system allows you to search for assessed value, sales data, ownership information, tax list history, property record cards, annual assessment postcards and more, CLICK HERE.

Deeds Search: To obtain a noncertified copy of a deed, CLICK HERE.

Tax Map Search: Past and present tax maps, CLICK HERE. (Tax map PDFs, CLICK HERE.)

Tax List Image Archive: Past and present tax lists, CLICK HERE.

Subdivision Maps: Past and present subdivision maps, CLICK HERE.

Monmouth County GIS:  Created by the GIS Section of the County Planning Board. This Property Viewer allows you to view digital tax maps and aerial imagery from the County flyover from 1997, 2003, 2010, and 2012, CLICK HERE.

For more records visit the Monmouth County’s Open Public Records Search System (OPRS), CLICK HERE.