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The Township of Manalapan is currently at the end of a 5 year contract with Suburban for Garbage and Recycling collection and disposal. The contract will end in March 2021. A contract for garbage removal cannot extend beyond 5 years. State law requires that a municipality go out to bid for any new garbage contract and provides us with strict guidelines for that bidding. The Township held a Town Hall meeting for residents in May to discuss this process that was advertised in a variety of locations. Bids were received on December 4, 2020 and the Township has 60 days to award or reject the bids.The bid included several options for garbage collection moving forward so that the Township Committee can chose the type of service provided and anticipate how the increased cost will affect the municipal budget. Every type of collection service that was bid comes with a significant cost increase.(A reminder that when you pay your taxes to the Township, although we collect 100%, only 16% of your taxes go to the Township for all municipal costs and services.)The bids are being reviewed by our professional staff and Township attorney so that the best decision can be made for all the residents of Manalapan. We can not just choose who collects the garbage – we must select the lowest responsible bidder, as required by New Jersey law.

To further clarify the misinformation on the garbage bids. The bid included 5 options. Including an option for the exact same service Manalapan currently has. Every option included keeping bulk collection as it currently is. A decision has not be made yet as the bid documents are currently being reviewed by the Township Attorney.

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To View the Sanitation Bid Specs, please click here.