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May 01, 2018

Grass may cause injuries!


For most people, mowing the lawn is either a chore or a relaxing time to work outdoors. For about 70,000 people this year, mowing the lawn will turn into a brush with death or serious injury. The statistics, from the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, are harrowing: Each year 800 children are run over by riding mowers or small tractors; 75 people are killed, and 20,000 injured; one in five deaths involves a child.  Let’s face it, lawnmowers are dangerous tools, but they are so common that people may not treat them seriously. Underneath the mower deck is a steel cutting blade spinning at more than 2000 revolutions per minute. Depending on its length, the blade tip may be moving at 200 mph.  An injury from contacting the blade is not the only danger from a running mower. The blade speed can turn rocks, stick, or other debris into deadly projectiles. And don’t forget, the mower engine itself gets hot enough to ignite gasoline or cause third-degree burns, the most serious kind. For riding mowers, other dangers include tipping the mower over on a hill, losing control of the mower, or accidentally backing over an object or person.

Here are safety tips when mowing the lawn

  • Make sure your mower is in good condition. Look it over before each use; when something breaks, have it repaired. A poorly running mower may lead the operator to take unnecessary risks.
  • Dress appropriately. Don’t mow barefoot or in flip-flops. Wear good shoes that provide traction, safety glasses, and close fitting clothes that can’t be caught in a gear or engine.
  • Never run the mower without its safety equipment. Most walk-behind mowers come with a dead-man switch, which shuts the mower off and applies a blade brake when the operator releases the handle. Don’t remove this switch or tie it down. Mowers also come with a guard on the discharge chute. This guard, usually plastic, directs the mower discharge down into the ground. When the mower strikes a rock, the chute can keep it from breaking a window or striking a person. If the chute clogs while you are mowing, shut the mower off and use a stick to clear it. Then, raise the mower deck or wait until the grass dries out before continuing. Never tie the chute up. If you need to fill up the gas tank, shut off the mower and let it cool before filling the tank. Take a break and get some water before filling; if you’ve run the tank dry, you’ll need it.
  • Before you mow, check the lawn for loose objects that could turn into a projectile if struck. When mowing a slope with a riding mower, mow up and down the slope to prevent tipping over. If you are using a walk-behind, mow across the slope to avoid slipping under the mower
  • Look out for others, especially children. Make sure children, pets, and others are a safe distance from the mower. Children can unexpectedly dart into the mowing path or fail to move when the mower is backing up toward them.
  • Use safety glasses when mowing grass.  Bits of grass, dirt, leaves and other objects can be discharged from the mower, rebound off adjacent buildings, and fences and hit your face.  Glasses also protect your eyes on windy days.  Carry snug-fitting leather gloves for the purpose of removing plugged grass or making adjustments to the mower. 
  • Always mow when grass is dry.  Wet grass can cause your feet to slip.  The mower can also slip in wet conditions.  If you slip, your feet and legs can come in contact with the mower’s blades, causing injury or loss of limbs.  Wet grass can also clog the mower!
  • Never leave the mower unattended while the engine is running!


For more information contact the Manalapan Township Health Department:

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Manalapan Town Hall
120 Route 522 & Taylors Mills Road, Manalapan, NJ  07726

Phone: (732) 446-8345
Fax: (732) 446-1576

June 13, 2018

JCP&L offers the following information about partial restoration and customer call backs.

  • In a major storm, it is necessary to make temporary repairs-cutting a wire, opening a circuit, replacing a fuse-to make an area extra safe and restore power to as many customers as possible before returning to complete the work.
  • This process helps JCP&L assess the damage and prioritize the work.
  • If crews leave your area to make temporary repairs elsewhere, be assured they will return to complete the work.
  • In a major storm, more than one repair may be needed to restore your service.
  • We will call you once we have made repairs needed to restore your service.  You can let us know if you are still without power. If so, it’s often a problem with the line connected directly to your home.

June 13, 2018

We have just been notified that the County has a zero tolerance policy on recycling in plastic bags. Therefore, the garbage company will not collect any recycling that is in plastic bags.  They will leave it at the curb.

Please place recycling loose in a container at the curb to ensure it will be collected.

Containers should not be larger then 64 gallons.

June 27, 2018

The Township of Manalapan and the Manalapan Arts Council are pleased to announce the results of the 2018 Photo Contest entitled “These are Among My Most Favorite Things”.  There were fifty (50) entries that covered a broad range of topics and subjects. The photos were judged by a panel of Township residents drawn from the Manalapan Arts Council Photo Contest committee as well as a “Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Forgie Memorial Peoples Choice” judging at the Manalapan Day event on June 9, 2018.


The winning entries were as follows:


Ages 17 and under                Kristen Rass                    “Ride Reflection”

Adult                                        Valerie LaBarbera           “Everything the Light Touches is Yours”

Peoples Choice                    Barbara Zagha                  “Color for a Cause”


Honorable Mentions were as follows:


Ages 17 and under                Shannon Miller                  “Secret Garden”

Adult                                        Shirali Vyas                        “Reflection”


The winners, honorable mentions and all contest participants will be recognized at the July 11, 2018 Township Committee meeting.  The winners will receive a $100.00 cash award and the honorable mentions will receive a $50.00 cash award from the Arts Council.


Mayor Jack McNaboe offered the following comments, “The photos that were submitted were great. I had the privilege of seeing the photos following the first judging and was amazed at the range of subjects and artistry in many of the pictures. Our resident photographers have year-in-and-year-out submitted some really beautiful photos. I want to thank the Arts Council for again sponsoring the contest and especially our judges Linda Steele, Teresa Erlitz and Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen.  I would also like to thank Dave Richardson and his Health Department staff for all their hard work in putting the contest together.  Our Peoples Choice Award was named after Betty Forgie a MAC member and Photo Contest judge who passed away in 2017. Finally, I want to thank all of the participants and I and my fellow Township Committee members look forward to next year’s competition.”


The photos will be on display in Town Hall during the month of July and August and will also be available for viewing on the Township website -   For more information please contact the Health Department at 732-446-8345.

July 01, 2018


Sundae on Monday

Manalapan, NJ – The Manalapan-Englishtown Community Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse is hosting its Annual Project ZERO Car Show on Monday, August 20, 2018 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the Manalapan High School. The event will offer free Ice Cream Sundae’s to the first 500 participants and attendees.  During the event, the Alliance will present a short program and allow the community to come together to remember the people we have lost to addiction.   The Alliance will have information about resources to help those still suffering addiction and other educational and informational resources focused on prevention.  In addition to the free Sundaes, there will be refreshments and additional sundaes on site for purchase.

Local, state and national newspapers post daily, stories of drug arrests and responses to overdoses – with both successful and unsuccessful efforts of saving a person.  Additionally there are news stories of State and National efforts to address the over-prescribing of pain medicine.  The news seems endless and the ability for any one person to make a difference seems beyond reach.  The Manalapan-Englishtown Community Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (“Alliance”) doesn’t want to give in to stagnation on this issue.  Instead, the Alliance wants to mobilize a community based effort to fight this scourge and empower the members of the community to be pre-emptive on this issue and employ strategies and efforts to prevent alcohol and drug abuse.


There is no cost to participate either as a Car Show participant or spectator.  Free ice cream sundaes will be given to the first 500 participants/attendees. Additional ice cream sundaes and other refreshments are expected to be available to purchase. Registration forms for Show participants are available on the Project ZERO and Manalapan Township websites – or – or in the Manalapan Town Hall or by calling the Manalapan Health Department at 732-446-8345.  On-site registration will be accepted pending space starting at 5:00 pm.  All Car Show participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and a free ice cream sundae (pre-registrants will receive up to 2 free ice cream sundaes!)

The Manalapan High School is located at 30 Church Lane, Manalapan.

For more information, please feel free to call David Richardson, Health Officer, at (732) 446-8345 or

The Manalapan-Englishtown Community Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse exists as a catalyst within our community to raise public awareness about alcohol and substance abuse issues.  The Alliance is a volunteer board comprised of community residents and representatives.  The Alliance meets monthly, routinely on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.  For more information about the Alliance, including the location of an upcoming meeting, please contact David Richardson as noted above.

Click here for the application