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March 01, 2020

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March 02, 2020

Due to concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID 19) and in an effort to protect both residents and staff, we are asking residents to refrain from coming to the Tax Collectors Office at this time.    Our office is staffed and available by phone, email or fax.   
SENIOR FREEZE  If you need your PTR1 or PTR2 Forms filled out, please call, fax or email your request.  When contacting our office by either fax or email be sure to include the following information: 1) Do you need PTR-1A or PTR-2A? 2) Name and property address 3) Do you own 100% of this property either alone or with a spouse? If you own the property with someone other than a spouse, what percentage do you own? We will print the forms from our computer system and mail them to you when completed. 
TAX PAYMENTS Property Taxes can be paid by 1) Mailing a check with the appropriate stub.  If you do not have the stub, simply write your block and lot number, account ID or property address in the memo section. 2) Using your own bank’s online bill pay (please give ample time for the payment to be received in our office).  When setting up your payment, please use the Account ID on your tax bill as the Account Number. 3) Credit card, debit card or e-check on our website at  The link can be found on the Tax Collector’s page.  Please note that there is a fee for online payments. On our website, you can also find your tax amount due, print a copy of your bill and calculate interest to a future date. 
Please contact our office via:  Phone 732-446-8359, 8360 or 8361  Email, or  Fax 732-446-7998 
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we all work together to get through this very challenging time

March 03, 2020

Manalapan Recreation Summer Camp Registration POSTPONED
Due to the current concerns over the pandemic and to err on the side of caution, we have decided to postpone registration for the 2020 Summer Recreation and Travel Camp programs.
Please read the information below for updated information and the CHANGES within the IN-PERSON registration process.

We anticipate holding registration on April 4. Hopefully by then, we will have the ability to handle registration in a safe manner for all involved in the process. In the event of April 4 not being a viable option due to circumstances beyond our control, we anticipate April 25 being the next possible date for registration.

Registration on April 4 will begin at 9:00 a.m. Registration will be accepted online but NOT IN PERSON. For those who wish to pay with a check, registrations will be accepted by mail. Each day, we will receive our mail and NUMBER THE REGISTRATIONS IN ORDER OF RECEIPT to have them ready for April 4. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH.

Please realize, the registration system will be set up as we have each year - holding a small percentage of spots per group for those who do not register online. This percentage WILL NOT CHANGE. Your best chance of getting your child into a certain group color remains with online registration at 9am on April 4.

We do ask that you DO NOT come in person to drop off your registration. The idea behind the mail in process allows several hours for any possible germs to die before our staff handles your paperwork. It is in the best interest of all involved that the mail system be used. Our office WILL NOT be open during the morning of April 4 to receive registrations. Only those received in advance will be processed that morning.

The following steps will be used during the registration process on April 4:

The Online registration option will open in order to pay with a credit card
At 9:00 a.m., recreation staff will begin to input the mail-in registrations, in the order in which they were received.

You are welcome to send in your registrations whenever you wish. Again, they will be numbered upon receipt and held until registration morning. No registration will be entered prior to 9am on registration morning.

We will have staff from 9-11am available to answer questions by phone.
Please be sure to check your email and Facebook for updates as we get closer to April 4.
If you are not already registered for the Township emails (not specifically from Recreation), please take a moment to do so. These emails provide information from the various departments and committees throughout the Township - including Recreation. You can register on the front page of the Township website (toward the right side). WWW.MTNJ.ORG

Thank you for working with us as we adjust with the ever-changing requirements being set forth due to the Coronavirus. Hoping you all stay healthy during this scary time.


March 04, 2020

The Township of Manalapan Office of Emergency Management Director – Chief Richard Hogan and Mayor Jack McNaboe have just signed off as of 4:30pm today, Friday, March 20th a Manalapan Township Declaration of Emergency.  This allows for certain response and mitigation measures to be implemented throughout the Township for the health, safety and welfare of the residents.  

Emergency Declaration

March 05, 2020

The Clerk’s COVID-19 Government Operations webpage can be accessed by visiting or using the direct link at

March 06, 2020

Please see the attached link for a NJ total case update:

 Starting today, NJ 211 has been activated to assist with handling COVID-19 calls from NJ residents. Residents can also text NJCOVID to 898-211 to receive text information and to stay informed. To receive live text assistance, residents can text their zip code to 898-211.

Individuals with no symptoms are not recommended to be tested. Individuals with mild symptoms should stay home if they are sick and follow the guidance of their health care provider.

• All New Jersey residents are encouraged to practice social distancing and avoid large crowds and gatherings, practice good hand hygiene, and stay home if they are sick.

• If the public has questions, they should contact the call center: 1-800-962-1253. Call center is open 24/7 and has multi-language capacity. The call center is not able to diagnose individuals, provide testing appointments or results, or give specific medical recommendations. Callers who need medical advice should contact their healthcare provider.


Our Health Officer would like to provide the following links to all those looking for up to date information on the coronavirus.  Please note, there have been social media posts regarding individuals going door to door claiming to be from the CDC. The CDC is not deploying teams of people to go door to door to conduct surveillance. You should not let these people into your homes or speak with them. Contact local law enforcement if this activity occurs.   CDC General Information   Travel Guidance   NJDOH General Information  High Risk Info

March 07, 2020

We have been in contact with Manalapan Township restaurants and have compiled a list of those that are doing delivery and pickup.

Please see below for an updated list. We as a community are stronger together. Please use our local businesses during this emergency situation.

List of Restaurants & Food Establishments

March 08, 2020

A Message from the Manalapan Township Municipal Clerk’s Office

Due to the concerns with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and while the Municipal Building is being closed to the Public we are asking that residents refrain from coming in to the Clerk’s Office.  Our office will be staffed and we will continue to be available by phone, email or fax to answer any questions or concerns.

Yearly Parking Permit Applications should all be sent through the mail and will continue to be processed daily.

Daily Parking Permit Requests can also be processed through the mail.  In order to do so please enclose the following:

Photocopy of vehicle registration (reflecting your Manalapan address)
$5.00 (check or cash)
Self-addressed stamped envelope

Waiting List Requests can be taken over the phone or by email.  Please include name, address, phone number and the lot requested. (only permissible to choose one (1) lot)

Any applications for licensing (Peddlers, Limousine, Precious Gems & Metals) can now be accessed on our Township Website under the “Residents” tab on the front page. Just look for “Applications” under the drop down menu.

Listed also in the same spot is the link for Legalized Games of Chance, to access the application for Bingos and Raffles.  Please note:  we require four (4) originals of this application and there is a 90 day turnover time for same so be mindful of event date prior to submission. 

As of now we will be accepting Petitions for County Committee and Municipal Offices via mail and as of today we are not yet sure if the petition filing deadline of March 30 will be postponed.


You can contact our office via: 

Phone: 732-446-8314, 8315, 8316 or 8370


 or Fax: 732-446-5796

March 009, 2020


The Township has made a decision to change the permit process in the Construction Department until further notice. 

Town Hall will be closed to the public; however, a drop box is located in the vestibule as you enter the Municipal Building.  Once your permit is processed, you will receive a call on pick up procedures. 

You may contact the following individuals for the inspection procedure: 


John Marini, Building SubCode                 732-446-8326       

Ed Reed, Electrical SubCode                      732-446-8321      

Stephen Germann, Plumbing SubCode    732-446-8317     

Michael Lennox, Fire Inspector                  732-446-8368     


For all inquiries, please have permit information available.

Should you require permit applications, please call the office at 732-446-8319 or 732-446-8302.

March 10, 2020

Police Protocol While Municipal Building is Closed 

While the municipal building is closed, police related matters that are normally handled as walk in reports will be taken over the phone.  Call the police department number 732-446-4300 advise the tele communicator your situation and your call will be screened for appropriate action by an officer.  You will not be allowed in the building UNLESS it is an emergency and requires your situation to gain access to the building.  Non emergent issues such as fingerprinting will not be processed while the building is closed.   

Records will be closed and can be reached most efficiently by email to either or

Motor vehicle reports can be obtained online via the website and you will need your ENTIRE case number (example 20MN00000).  

The Firearms office will be closed for permit/ID card pick-up until further notice. If you have an immediate need to pick up a permit during this emergency, kindly call police headquarters.  Online applications will still be accepted and processed via  We hope to resume pick-ups in the near future.  Please check back on this site for updated information.

March 12, 2020


Paper Shredding Event
Saturday, April 25, 2020  POSTPONED!
Franklin Lane Commuter Lot
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Manalapan Township will be holding a paper shredding event for the residents of Manalapan.
The event will be on Saturday, April 25, 2020 at the Franklin Lane Commuter Lot.

From 9:00 am - 1:00 pm or until the truck is full.

This is a free service for Manalapan Residents only.  ID's will be checked.

It is time for you to dispose of old documents and confidential files safely.  Come to our mobile paper shredding event! Bring all old documents and confidential papers.
Don't become a target for identity theft.

All papers will be shredded on location (Franklin Lane Commuter Lot) in the mobile truck!
The lot is located parallel with Route 9 North and is in the vicinity of the Gordon's Corner Road and Route 9 Intersection.  Right behind the Gordon's Corner Road bus stop.

Remove all metals and binder clips from paper.  No more than 100lbs of paper-approximately 4 boxes per person.  This is a free service paid for with the State Recycling Grant.

Any questions please call 732-446-8404


March 15, 2020


Every day becomes history, though some days are more memorable than others. We are living through a historic event that people will be studying a century from now. For this reason, MCHA would like to ask YOU to help us document your thoughts and experiences during this time through an online Google form, which will then be archived under the digital collection 

"Remembering COVID-19."

Answer whichever questions you choose. At the end of the form there is a place to upload images that depict the effects this event is having on your community, such as empty store shelves, long lines, or even the creative ways in which your family is adapting at home to the new social distancing guidelines! With your permission, we will periodically share select answers and images to keep us all connected during this difficult time. Access the adult form here:

We want kids to participate, too! There is a special form for kids which includes activities to keep them busy, such as offering thoughts, advice, and creating artwork! Access the children's form here:

*If you don't have a Gmail account, photos must be emailed separately to Please include your full name and town in the email, and whether or not we have permission to share the images. 


Thanks for participating!