Community Services Committee


  1. Continue to provide Community Service Projects and Cost Savings to Township
  2. Community Center Building Projects
  3. Buckshead Park - benches, walkway and picnic area
  4. Dog Park Project - work with other volunteer groups to donate labor
  5. Community Garden at the Recreation Building in MRC
  6. Senior Center Projects - picnic area, counter


  • Troop 434
  • Maurice Zagha - Troop 180
  • John Barrett - Troop 157
  • Sherri Bogolub - Crew 522 and Troop 180
  • Michael P. Mahon - Monmouth Council BSA
  • Sal Rios - Troop 157
  • Terry Quercia - Girl Scouts
  • Phyllis Fitzgerald - Girl Scouts
  • Jordan Maskowitz - Township Committee Representative
  • Tara Lovrich - Administrator


The Community Service Committee was created in 2006 to help facilitate and streamline the process for volunteer projects within the Community. It originated to specifically work with both Boy Scouts wishing to obtain their Eagle Scout badges and Girl Scouts wishing to obtain their Gold and Silver Awards. The Community Service Committee is available to meet with volunteer groups or individuals to make available a list of pre-approved projects or approve any submitted ideas as well as facilitate the project and assist the Scouts or volunteers in achieving their goals. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to volunteer.