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October 01, 2017

There is a tremendous amount of inaccurate information being circulated on social media and elsewhere concerning the Manalapan Crossing project.

As of this date, no Planning Board hearing has even been scheduled to consider an application pertaining to Manalapan Crossing.   In fact, although certain application documents have been filed, the application was deemed to be incomplete on June 30, 2017. Many substantial items still must be submitted before a complete application can be considered.

Jurisdiction over the Manalapan Crossing project rests with the Manalapan Planning Board.   We anticipate that, once a complete application is filed, the review process will be a lengthy one. There will be no "fast tracking" of the Manalapan Crossing application and the Planning Board's review will be thorough and complete. Notice will be published in the News Transcript and mailed by certified mail to all property owners within two (200) hundred feet of the VC Zone before the initial hearing date before the Planning Board.

In addition to the PlanningBoard review process, any application pertaining to Manalapan Crossing must also be reviewed and approved by the Monmouth County Planning Board and by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

The issues that will be considered by the Manalapan Township Planning Board include off-site traffic impact and required improvements; project layout and design; drainage; and all other relevant planning and development considerations.

A further issue that will be considered by all of the reviewing agencies is the timing of the construction of off-site and on-site improvements. Those issues will be governed by any approvals that may be grantred by the Township's Planning Board, the Monmouth County Planning Board and the Department of Transportation.

The process will take many months until all the required approvals can be obtained from those agencies. Only after all approvals are obtained can be construction commence.

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