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Police Protocol While Municipal Building is Closed

March 10, 2020

Police Protocol While Municipal Building is Closed 

While the municipal building is closed, police related matters that are normally handled as walk in reports will be taken over the phone.  Call the police department number 732-446-4300 advise the tele communicator your situation and your call will be screened for appropriate action by an officer.  You will not be allowed in the building UNLESS it is an emergency and requires your situation to gain access to the building.  Non emergent issues such as fingerprinting will not be processed while the building is closed.   

Records will be closed and can be reached most efficiently by email to either or

Motor vehicle reports can be obtained online via the website and you will need your ENTIRE case number (example 20MN00000).  

The Firearms office will be closed for permit/ID card pick-up until further notice. If you have an immediate need to pick up a permit during this emergency, kindly call police headquarters.  Online applications will still be accepted and processed via  We hope to resume pick-ups in the near future.  Please check back on this site for updated information.

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