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Manalapan (Marion) Manor Update

January 08, 2020

Please see the latest letter sent today ( 2-13-2020) to the State Department of Community Affairs (DCA) regarding the fatal accident last night on Route 33. 



On behalf of Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen and the Manalapan Township Committee, we would like to provide you with the following update on the Manalapan (Marion) Manor Facility.

The Township Committee recently passed a resolution urging the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to revoke the residential health care facility license of Manalapan (Marion) Manor.  A copy of the resolution is attached below.

As you are aware, the negligent and improper operations of this facility were provided to the Governor in a detailed letter, which is attached to this resolution.  We believe that numerous violations of applicable regulations still exist, which have resulted in most of the facility’s residents being relocated to other facilities or admitted to hospitals for appropriate care.  The Township does not believe the owner of the facility is capable or willing to operate a quality facility in accordance with applicable regulations for the benefit of the citizens who reside there.  That is why we strongly urge the NJ Department of Community Affairs to revoke their license.


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