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Dog and Cat Licensing Reminder

February 03, 2017

All Residents who own a dog or cat that is 7 months of age or older must license their pet with the Township. All licenses issued in 2016 have expired as the license system is based on the calendar year. Pet owners have the full month of February to purchase their dog or cat's license at the regular fee as set in Ordinances of the Township. Starting on March 1st, all licenses fee increase by $5.00. So, please do not delay in acquiring your pet's license in order to avoid needing to pay the extra fee. All dogs and cats must present proof that the animal has a valid rabies vaccination that does not expire until after November 1st. If the current rabies vaccination expires prior to November 1st, then a booster vaccination will be needed in order to get the license. If anyone has any questions, please contact the Health Department at 732-446-8345. 

Location: Town Hall

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