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A Message from Mayor Jack McNaboe on Leaf, Street and Basin Clean-Up

December 05, 2018

After two heavy and flooding rains within six months of each other our preparedness for future storms will need to be more stringent than ever before. Starting this week and continuing through the first of the year, the Manalapan Department of Public Works (DPW) will be mechanically cleaning the street and storm basins throughout the Township. This street cleaner is presently in the Monmouth Heights neighborhood.  It will move through the town as needed and directed. Please help in this endeavor by removing vehicles from the road way during regular work hours. The time needed to clean the street will be based on the amount of debris in the road ways.

I would like to remind all residents that there is an ordinance in Manalapan that requires all leaves to be bagged and placed at the curb line, NOT IN THE STREET. Additionally, leaves may not be blown or raked into the street by residents or by your contractors. Anyone caught putting leaves in the street or having piles of leaves in the street will be ticketed as allowed by this ordinance. The new Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) mandated storm basin grates and back plates that are required to be installed with all road improvements (paving), are much more susceptible to clogging when covered with debris. The DEP intent in mandating these ‘storm water friendly’ basin covers was to make them bike friendly and to stop floatable garbage and debris from entering the brooks and streams. 

Your Mayor, Township Committee and DPW take this responsibility very seriously to keep these streets clean and water flowing freely. I hope we can rely on all residents to take this mandate seriously as well. I again thank every resident that cleans and clears the basin on or near their property, your hard work is noted and appreciated. Together we can keep Manalapan beautiful and safe.

Leaves will be picked up every Monday in December, excluding Christmas Eve. The last leaf collection will take place on New Year’s Eve day, Monday, December 31st.  Branches tied in bundles of 4 feet and less than 50 pounds can be placed at the curb, not in the street, on your second trash pick-up day of the week (Thursday or Friday). Additionally, both bagged leaves and branches can be dropped off at the Manalapan DPW yard during business hours including Saturdays and the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. Hopefully we can achieve our goal to have cleared as many streets and storm basins as possible from all leaves, branches, and debris within the next thirty days. Any questions can be directed to the DPW at 732-446-8403 or by email at 

I thank everyone in advance for your help, diligence and understanding in this matter. Any complaints, objections or complications arising from this directive can be sent to me at  I truly value your opinion and input. On Saturday, December 15th from 8:30 to 10 am there will be the last "Coffee with the Mayor" for 2018 to discuss any issues, including this one.  Please stop by to meet me in person in Town Hall and to discuss how we can, together, make Manalapan an even greater place to live.

Thank you!

Happy Holiday to All! 

Jack McNaboe


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