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2018 Photo Contest - “These Are Among My Most Favorite Things ”

December 03, 2018

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Kristen Rass  - Youth Winner - "Ride Reflection/My Favorite Way to Spend the Summer"

Mike Schickler - "Over Grand Canyon"

Susan Schwartz - "West Coast Splendor"

Antonia Schwerthoffer - "Hilltop"

Mariana Virote - "Safe Place"

Richard Visco - "Mirror Lake"

Jessica Visone - "Family by the Lake"

Shirali Vyas - Adult Honorable Mention - "Reflection"

Barbara Zagha - People's Choice Winner - "Color for a Cause"

Daniel Arminio - "Beauty and the Beach"

Jerry Avergon - "M&M World"

Desiree Bartky - "Dianthus Up Close"

Justin Bero - "Sibling Rivalry"

Alan Bogard - "57 Chevy"

Brian Case - "Grazing Buffalo"

Michael Daly Jr. - "Sedona at Dusk"

Tai Daughty - "Motherly Love" 

Jerry Deutsch - "Truffle Line Up"

Thomas Fisher - "Thing 1 & Thing 2"

Nina Gerulski - "Early Harvest" 

Samuel Goto - "Mother's Day Brunch"

Isabel Huelgas - "Through Thick and Thin"

Olivia Kanarick - "Abby Eating a Cupcake"

Christine Kanarick - "Holy Milkshake!"

Matthew Kanarick - "He's Right Behind Me, Isn't He?"

Riley Max Karon - "Rhinobrothers"

Valerie LaBarbera - Adult Winner - "Everything the Light Touches is Yours"

Ronald Lovenguth - "Beautiful Start of Spring"

Carly Lustig - "Inspiration"

Shannon Miller - Youth Honorable Mention - "Secret Garden"

Conor Mulvanerton - "Nature of the Beach"

Patty Murray - "A Few of My Favorite Things - Summer, Sunflowers and Bumblebees"

Robert Orsetti - "Oh No! Here Comes Mom!"

Liz Paulin - "My Son's Love for the Library"

Sam Paulin - "Playing in the Snow With My Dog, Moo"

Jill Perez - "Snow Day"

Marni Perry - "Victory - Manalapan Rec Soccer"

Tina Rallo - "My Favorite Set of Twins"

Stan Rass - "4th of July on the Water"

Joseph Rass -"Goodnight, Barnegat Bay!"

Lisa Rass - "Has Anyone Seen my Shell Phone?"

John Scaravella - "All Rise"

Rosemarie LoCasico - "Breaking Free at Point Pleasant Beach"

Layne Sultana - "Cat in a Box"

Jill Watters - "Manalapan Rec Baseball/Jake Watters #5"

Katie Arrigo - "New Beginnings"

Mary Baker - "Sky Dancer"

Sara Lee Koch - "My Favorite Flower-A Parrot Tulip"

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